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Executive and Administrative Staff

Administrative Support

01 AM Mdm Karen Tan_pp.jpg
Administration Manager

02 OM Mr Ong Cheng Chua_pp.jpg
Operations Manager

03 Ms Nur Hazrilla Mohd Noor.JPG
Administration Executive
04 CSO Miss Maryam Bee_pp.jpg
Corporate Support Officer
05 CSO Miss Patricia Chan.jpg
Corporate Support Officer

09 OSO Miss Yatimah Binte Abdul Hadi_pp.jpg
Operations Support Officer
Miss Yatimah Binte Abdul Hadi
06 OSO Mdm Murti Binte Kardisan_pp.jpg
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Murti Binte Kardisan

07 OSO Mdm Norlela Kitang_pp.jpg
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Norlela Bte Kitang
08 OSO Mr Wari Bin Hapi_pp.jpg
Operations Support Officer
Mr Wari Bin Hapi
10 OSO Mr Nizam.jpg
Operations Support Officer
Mr Ahmad Nizam Bin
Mohamed Nor

Support Staff

01 Admin Executive Miss Loh Pauline_pp.JPG
Admin Assistant

03 Miss Radiah Binte Rosli.JPG
School Programme
        Miss Radiah Bte Rosli

04 ICT Exec Miss Nadiah Ismail_pp.jpg
ICT Executive
05 TA Richard Verdote_pp.jpg
Technology Assistant
07 Librarian Mdm Rohani Abdul Majid_pp.jpg