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Total Defence Day

Learning must always take place in the classroom – says nobody ever. And that was exactly what happened for 2018’s Total Defence Day (TDD) in Haig Girls’ School! The girls experienced a combination of learning inside and outside the classroom in hope to drive the key message that ‘Together, We Keep Singapore Strong’!

Our girls enjoyed a skit during an interactive assembly roadshow presented by the Singapore Discovery Centre, reminding us that differences should always be accepted and celebrated in order to keep Singapore strong. After all, united we stand and divided we fall. It was a good reminder that each of us plays a role in ensuring that Singapore remains a safe and secure country for all to live in. 

P3 – P6 girls enjoyed their enriching trip to the Singapore Discovery Centre for TD-Gear Up! where they learnt to appreciate the five pillars of Total Defence that contribute to building a strong, safe and cohesive nation in times of troubled peace. Our pupils gained the confidence to play their part in times of crisis through a movie screening as well as activities that revolved around relatable scenarios for each pillar of defence. The unique SCDF Special Showcase and Vehicular Display was the icing on the cake! The girls had a go at administering CPR, rescuing an injured person, crawling through a tunnel and some even had a feel of an earthquake on the stimulator. It was tons of fun learning outside the classroom!

Our CCE teachers conducted a TDD lesson package to further strengthen the girls’ understanding of Total Defence. The Primary 6 students even played the SGUnite! Card Game which exposed them to the different threats surrounding Singapore. Our girls took part in a nationwide Total Defence Day Colouring Contest and hey, we’re proud to announce that we have winners from HGS! 

Sounds like a fruitful learning experience, don’t you think? Put all these activities together, we are sure that the girls can now do their part to keep Singapore strong!