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Useful Links for Parents



Provide information about Singapore Education System.

MOE SyllabusesContain subject syllabuses and approved list of textbooks.

Parents in Education

Contain articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home.

School Information Service (SIS)

Provide information about schools in Singapore.

Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board

Provide information about national examinations in Singapore.

Teaching & Learning ResourcesContain resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home.


Nurturing Our Young for the Future

Every School A Good School

Provide information about MOE’s initiative on Every School A Good School.
Competencies for the 21st CenturyProvide information about MOE’s initiatives on developing 21st century competencies in schools.
Primary Education – The Way ForwardProvide information about Singapore’s primary education.
TV Series – Educating Juniors: Big Plans for Little OnesLearn more about various primary school education initiatives, such as the Programme for Active Learning, Holistic Assessment, New Generation Primary School Facilities and Form Teacher Guidance Period, are being implemented in phases in schools. Find out more about how teachers are imparting important 21st century competencies and nurturing the love for PE, Art and Music in children.