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Information Communication Technology

21st Century Ready Digital Leaders in an ICT-Enriched Learning Environment

In alignment with the Ministry of Education's ICT Masterplan 3, Haig Girls’ adopt a whole-school approach to the developing of 21st century ready digital leaders in an ICT-enriched environment emphasising on 4 key domains – Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment, Pupil Development, Teacher Professional Development and Resource Building.

Domain 1  – Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment 
  • To institutionalise the use of ICT for innovation
Domain 2  – Pupil Development
  • To develop 21st century competencies and skills in pupils through effective use of ICT
  • To develop pupil leaders who can positively influence peers on safe and responsible use of ICT
Domain 3 – Teacher Professional Development
  • To encourage and create opportunities for teachers to design and deliver ICT-enriched learning experiences
Domain 4 – Resource Building
  • To support learning anytime, anywhere 


ICT in Action (for Pupils)
ICT in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment



ICT in Integrated Project Work (IPW)
Integrated Project Work (IPW) is a school-wide programme that helps pupils to integrate learning and create new value through an interdisciplinary approach. ICT-enriched learning experiences are designed to inculcate in pupils 21st century skills, in particular self-directed, collaborative and critical and inventive thinking skills. 
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ICT in Learning Trails – E-Mazing eXperience (EMX)
Pupils engage in Interactive Learning Trails using iPhones/iPads.


Interactive Learning Trail @ Hort Park

ICT in Values In Action Enrichment Programme

ICT in D3T2 Talent Programme - Infocomm Club 
Selected pupils are invited to join the school’s Infocomm Club . Pupils acquire ICT skills and knowledge through training and camps that provided them with the opportunity to participate in ICT related competitions.


Animation Camp 2012

ICT in Leadership Programme
ICT Leaders Programme
Every year, two pupils from P1 to 6 classes are selected and trained to be the class ICT leaders. These ICT leaders will be briefed on their roles, responsibilities and expectations of an ICT leader.  They will also attend training to support ICT operations in the classroom. This year, our ICT leaders attended the Basic Photography Enrichment Programme.


ICT Leaders Training Workshop on Photography Skills

Cyber Wellness Ambassadors & Activities
Cyber wellness lessons are conducted during Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) from P1 to 6. This year, our school’s cyber wellness ambassadors planned and led the cyber wellness week in Term 2. 


Cyber Wellness Week 2012

At the recent Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors’ Conference 2012, Haig Girls’ received the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Award in recognition of our cyber wellness ambassadors’ active involvement and contribution in promoting cyber wellness among their peers. 


Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors’ Conference 2012

ICT in Action (for Teachers)
Different Professional Development programmes are developed according to the 3-tiered approach:

Mastery Stage 
- Use ICT for administration and direct substitute of existing classroom practices

Impact Stage
- Design ICT-enriched learning experiences for engaged learning

Innovation Stage 
- Design ICT-enriched learning experiences for innovation

Teachers attend whole school training sessions, workshops and conferences, work in Professional Learning Communities, conduct peer and group observations and have individual coaching sessions to design ICT-enriched learning experiences.