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In Haig Girls', the teaching and learning environment focuses on three essential components for effective Science learning; Hands-On, Minds-On and Heart-On. 

Through engaged learning and play, pupils are able to touch, see and hear. This allows pupils to have a better understanding of the scientific principles involved and appreciate the impact of scientific and technological advances on their lives.

It encourages the spirit of enquiry enabling pupils to think and articulate their thoughts in an environment that is both challenging and supportive. We aim to mould pupils into life-long learners and effective thinkers with a positive attitude.

The opportunities given in terms of conducive learning environment, supportive programmes and engaged learning help to develop pupils’ interest in Science and grow pupils’ capacity for Science. It enables pupils to view the pursuit of Science as meaningful and useful and to cultivate an interest in the subject. 

Through fun activities at the centre, teachers are able to focus on various strategies that bring about these outcomes such as personalized learning, experiential learning, differentiated instruction and instilling good habits of mind.
HGS Science Framework

In Haig Girls', we believe that our pupils can think, learn, achieve and excel. Our school aims to maximise our girls’ creativity and potential as well as academic excellence.

Our Science curriculum framework is aligned with our school goals with the ultimate goal of developing our pupils to be self-directed, confident and adaptive 21st century learners.

Click here for the Primary Science Syllabus.


Exciting Pupils

Science Busking
Our Primary 3 pupils were engaged in this performance task which required them to build a boat that could float. Excited and inspired, the girls demonstrated creativity in the boats they had made. They also developed their abilities to think critically and apply their process skills and Science knowledge.


Primary 3 Pupils’ Boat Making

Learn@Zoo for Primary 3

P3 Learn @ Zoo programme is an experiential learning for the pupils to learn more about the animals. Pupils will then be given a performance based task in class to apply what they have learnt and teachers will evaluate their understanding of the concepts.


Learning Journey to the Zoo for the Primary 3 Pupils

Science Inno-Fair (Integrated Project Work) for Primary 5 EVERYDAY SCIENCE! (Science in our Daily Lives)
The objective of the Everyday Science! Inno-Fair is to nurture self-directed learners and creative and inventive thinkers who are able to problem solve and collaborate with team members. This fair focuses on Science in pupils’ daily lives. Each team will first identify a problem in their daily lives. The problem can be of an environmental nature or school-based nature. Then, making use of Science concepts that they have learnt, they will produce a creative/special experiment or product that helps to solve problems in our daily lives or to improve our daily lives.

Science_9.jpgScience_10.jpgScience_11.jpgPrimary 5 Pupils showcasing their innovative prototype and demonstrating how it works

Enrichment Programmes
Optional enrichment programmes are offered to pupils. The objective of the enrichment is to infuse fun & learning using Science knowledge.


Popcorn Making Session

Talent Development for Science (Primary 4-6)
Discover, Develop and Delicate your Talent Time Programme (D3T2) Science
Pupils who excel in Science and show positive attitudes in learning Science will be identified to be part of the D3T2 Science where they learn to think and work like scientist.


Pupils participating activities at the East Zone Science and Technology Centre @ VJC             

Engaging Parents

Parents’ Workshops
Science workshops are available for parents. On an annual basis, the school will provide a platform for parents to attend a Science workshop conducted by our school teachers. Our school Parent Support Group (PSG) also organize parents workshop to help their children in Science.

Parents’ Workshop by Dr Boo

Inspiring Teachers

Teachers’ Workshops and Conferences
As part of the teachers’ professional development, our teachers are continually learning and upgrading themselves in their pedagogies and keeping abreast in the education system.

Science_18.jpg Science_19.jpg Science_20.jpg
Teachers at a training workshop by Professor Barbara Crawford on Science Inquiry

Mdm Hani presenting at the 2012 Teachers’ Conference