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Total Defence Day

Learning the Joyful and Authentic Way!

This year’s Total Defence Day cum Education in Haig Girls’ School was special in several ways. Moving away from teacher-guided experiences, our students were given the autonomy to explore and decide on the various career paths they were keen to learn more about from the practitioners themselves and. They then shared their learning with their teachers and classmates in subsequent lessons.

In alignment with our school’s 2E2R approach of Explicit teaching, Experience, Role-modelling and Reflection, members of our Parent Support Group (PSG), community partners from all occupational walks of life and teachers set up stations around the school to share the various occupations and provided students the experience of what the occupations entailed through role-playing. Students donned the uniforms of army personnel, tried food rations that a soldier would bring on army expeditions while others took on the roles of museum docents, chiropractors, journalists and many others! In engaging the minds and hearts, students penned their learning at the various occupation stations and their aspirations after the experience.

It was lots of fun for our invited guests, PSG members, teachers and students alike! Indeed, ‘Together, we are stronger’.