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Term 1

Friend of Singa 2016

Certificate of Achievement is awarded to our Kindness Ambassadors for their participation in “Friend of Singa 2016”.


Name of Pupil(s)

Certificate of Achievement

Clarabelle Tan Shih Jieh, 5 Charity

Jaania Kamlesh Mahtani, 5 Charity

Putu Dhyana Prayascitta Sari, 5 Charity

Maya Anne Haridas, 5 Grace

Gauri Khushi Khanna, 5 Humility

Looi Ee Ting, 5 Humility

Iva Todorova Encheva, 5 Joy

Japan International Science & Math Olympiad (JISMO) 2017

On 9 March, 1698 students from 66 schools from Singapore and Indonesia participated in the 2017 Japan International Science and Mathematics Olympiad competition.


Name of Pupil(s)

Good Effort

Chan Woon Yee, 6 Charity

Rena Kaur Bhullar, 6 Charity

Emerald Award

Choo En Hui Danielle, 6 Charity

Nicole Ka Ohu Viengkhou Li, 6 Charity

Ruby Award

Asha Meredith Solomon, 5 Charity

Zoe Ysabelle Crisostomo Agbayani, 5 Charity

Park Claire, 6 Charity

PBC Youth Challenge Super Series 2017 Series 1

PBC Youth Challenge Super Series 2017 tournament is open tomembers of PBC Bowlers Club. The objective of this tournament is to foster and promote goodwill, friendship & sportsmanship among the youth bowler.


Name of Pupil(s)

Girls under 12 - 8th Place

Nur 'Iffah Binte Andy Azaly, 6 Grace

PBC Youth Challenge, Super Series 2017, Series 4

001 PBC Youth Challenge, Super Series 2017, Series 4.jpg
Bowling Club competition that took place on 1st July, 2017.



Name of Pupil(s)

Girls under 12 - 6th Place

Nur 'Iffah Binte Andy Azaly, 6 Grace

Primary Schools Bowling League 2016/2017

The purpose of this league is to introduce and promote bowling 
league game among primary schools, besides fostering and maintaining the spirit of good fellowship and true sportsmanship among students.


Name of Pupil(s)

Girl's Masters - 7th Place

Overall Team - 5th Place

Nur 'Iffah Binte Andy Azaly, 6 Grace

Karpenko Gymnastics Academy Cup 2017

Karpenko Gymnastics Academy Cup was held on 5th March 2017. Felicia Bernholtz from 4 Charity participated in Rhythmics Gymnastics, Floor Routine and achieved the 4th place.


Name of Pupil(s)

4th Place

Felica Lena Nadia Bernholtz, 4 Charity

SPSSC FAS National Primary School Football Championships Senior Girls 2017

First Championship for Haig Girls' School! Congratulations for your hard work girls! Check out a short footage of the final match here Open


Name of Pupil(s)

National Football Competition - Champion Team

Angie Katalina Gallon, 5 Humility

Chan Woon Yee, 6 Charity

Janelle Ng Zi Ling, 6 Charity

Poorva Maithani, 6 Charity

Victoria Syn Hui En, 6 Grace

Clare Angelica Ho Min Hui, 6 Joy

Humairah Binte Leyaket Ali, 6 Joy

Tasha Foong Po Yui, 6 Joy

Ayisha Raihana D/O Mohamed Absal, 6 Kindness

Hana Silmi, 6 Humility

Jennifer Mai Smith, 6 Kindness

Poon Wen Fang Sharon, 6 Kindness

SA Primary School Relay Championships 2017

Our girls participated in the Primary Inter-School competition organised by Singapore Athletics (SA) and achieved second out of thirteen schools for the event. Well done, girls!


Name of Pupil(s)

4x100m D Division Girls - 2nd Place

Bryna Lai Min Han, 4 Charity

Amelya Edora Binte Mohammad Elffy, 4 Humility

Melcia Goh Zi Ning, 4 Humility

Nakano Ayane, 4 Humility