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Alumni Association

We have recently revived our Alumni Association for our old girls to actively support the school’s vision and areas of focus, in particular the development of character, leadership and creativity. Chaired by Ms Beverly Wee, our group of dedicated alumna have returned to our school to give talks as part of our Alumni Lecture Series. Dr Yeo Wei Wei and Ms Ye Shufang of the National Art Gallery, shared their work in Arts Education at our inaugural Alumni Lecture. Professor Debbie Ong, a former Head Prefect of Haig Girls’ School, gave an insightful speech about leadership at our Student Leaders’ Investiture. Other old girls have shared insights into their work as a news editor, entrepreneur and leadership coach. The Creative Director for our 60th Anniversary Musical was Ms Oniatta Effendi, who is also part of the HGS family. Another alumna, Ms Jane Ittogi, Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP; Chairperson of the Singapore Art Museum, also graced our Speech and Prize-Giving Day cum Alumni Homecoming as a Guest of Honour.

We are proud to have a number of Haig girls who have become educators and school leaders and who have played an active part in moulding the future of our nation.  There are at least 6 Haig girls who have gone on to become Principals of schools in Singapore.

As an alumna, you can give back to Haig Girls’ School in so many ways: be a speaker at our Alumni Lecture Series, facilitate partnerships to support our niche areas, conduct workshops for pupils in your area of expertise or mentor our pupils.  Inspire our pupils to be future leaders of tomorrow and contribute towards the development of our pupils’ character, leadership and creativity!

Alumni Membership
Click here to download the Alumni Membership form.