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Our Staff

Staff Professional Development 

In HGS, our staff has developed, embraced and exemplified a culture of care, collegiality and innovation. A strong sense of stewardship undergirds all that we do. 

Staff Engagement Framework.png

Our Staff culture - ‘Care, Collegiality and Innovation undergirded by a sense of stewardship’

This strong culture has resulted in school-based innovations and action research projects in a wide range of subjects and inter-disciplinary areas. Our teachers are recognised for their curriculum innovations and professional development.

Over the past two years, our teachers have conducted more than 20 professional sharing sessions at national and international platforms, making a positive impact on the education fraternity. The platforms include the International Conference on Teaching & Learning with Technology, MOE ExCEL Fest, Teachers’ Conference and World Association of Lesson Studies Conference.

Staff BondingTeaching and Learning at HGS Art Gallery