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Principal's Message


Ars Potens Est

Knowledge is Power

            I am greeted with these words as I walk into our school each day.  These simple but beautiful words carry the heartfelt aspirations of each and every one of us at Haig Girls’ School and that of every school leader since its founding years, for all our Haig girls. Indeed, we aspire to nurture each and every one of our students to learn and grow but more importantly, for our girls to utilise their knowledge, skills and talents to serve the school and the community. At Haig Girls’, we believe that no child is too young to make a difference to the community. Guided by this belief, our teachers design rich learning experiences to enable every Haig girl to make her voice heard, be it through creative expression, advocacy, service or innovation. Through our school’s Applied Learning and Learning for Life Programmes, our girls demonstrate that they are value creators and problem solvers while advocating causes to serve the community better.

            2017 will be an exciting year for Haig Girls’ School as we move back to the upgraded campus at Koon Seng. Much thought has been poured into the beautiful and functional design of the school and its new facilities, paving the way forward for innovative pedagogies and authentic learning for our students. However, we have set ourselves a higher benchmark; we seek to build a HGS that is a second home to our students – a safe, nurturing environment for our students to discover their talents and to be themselves. We love, value and accept each Haig girl for who she is regardless of her results and achievements but we hold her to high expectations in character, leadership and creativity.

            At HGS, we care deeply about our students’ holistic development. We are committed to deepening our professional craft, engaging in collaborative learning and innovative curriculum design to mount engaging learning experiences for our students. We are able to achieve all these with the support from our partners-in-education and we seek continually to learning from others to improve our craft.  We are proud of our teaching staff who have, over the years, shared their learning with the teaching fraternity and have always returned with deeper learning. It is this culture of care, continual learning, collaboration and innovation undergirded by a sense of stewardship that has enabled the HGS education to be student-centric, innovative and values-driven. 

                HGS will continue to uphold our proud heritage of an all-round education for our students – one that prepares our Haig girls for life and to help her see opportunity in every challenge. As exemplified by our school song,

“Hard though the struggle, stronger our will.
Through life’s test, we’ll pass with zeal.”

Miss Lo Yen Nie