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Applied Learning Program (ALP)

Integrated Project Work (IPW) @ HGS

Haig Girls’ has developed a distinctive approach to Integrated Project Work (IPW) that involves inter-disciplinary, place-based learning and/or authentic problem solving, service learning and value creation. Each project is designed to infuse character and citizenship education and develop 21st century competences such as self-directed learning, collaboration, critical and creative thinking and civic literacy.


Primary One

Primary Two

Primary Three

Where: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Where: Singapore Philatelic Museum

Where: Joo Chiat Trail

What: Students learn to adapt to the new environment at the garden and complete assigned tasks in teams

What: Students study stamps and learn the importance of showing respect and appreciation for others’ cultures

What: Students walk and explore Joo Chiat to learn about the heritage of the area

Making an Impact: Students write stories which are shared with the next year’s P1 cohort – the stories are about how a P1 child adapts to the new school

Making an Impact: Students write stories which are shared during Racial Harmony Day about how different local festivals are celebrated

Making an Impact: Students create a video clip which are shared on various platforms to promote Joo Chiat and the Peranakan culture

Primary Four

Primary Five

Primary Six

Where: Singapore Art Museum and National Gallery

Where: Community organisations serving different needs

Where: School

What: Students study various artworks and reflect on community, national and global issues

What: Students identify needs at the community organisations and create innovative products to meet the needs

What: (A continuation from P5)

Students apply coding skills to create an innovative product to meet the needs of the community

Making an Impact: Students write short stories/letters, and create their own artworks to voice their responses to issues. Their works are published and artworks displayed at a public exhibition

Making an Impact: Students develop empathy for others and help create awareness of the identified needs

Making an Impact: Students grow in their understanding of the identified needs and are able to better serve the communities with new knowledge and skills

IPW for Primary One – Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

IPW for Primary Two – Singapore Philatelic Museum

IPW for Primary Three – Joo Chiat Trail

IPW for Primary Four– TIMEOUT
P4 IPW.jpg

IPW for Primary Five – Everyday Science
P5 IPW.jpg

IPW for Primary Six – Code for Fun
P6 IPW.jpg

Information updated as of 27 Jun 2019.