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About Gamelan

Gamelan is a traditional musical art-form from Indonesia. It is an ensemble primarily made up of percussive instruments of various sizes which are usually struck with mallets. The usual structure of Gamelan music eschews solo performances or solo parts; students enrolled in the Gamelan Ensemble CCA thus learn how to make music together through careful listening and cooperating with one another. 

Key Highlights

In 2014, the HGS Gamelan Ensemble had the privilege to participate in the Gamelan Fiesta, which was featured in MOE’s SchoolBag publication. The event was a collaboration amongst 6 schools, both secondary and primary. It was a performance to share with the audience how gamelan music has evolved. Students perform pieces ranging from Cindai – a folk song to pop songs like “Marry You”(Bruno Mars). Western instruments such as the double bass and cello were used to blend in with the traditional instruments. Last year, the Haig Girls Gamelan Ensemble also explored the use of the cello in one of the music arrangements for the 2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. Through these experiences, the pupils have come to enjoy playing gamelan.  



Long Peizhen (OIC) 
Rita Zulkarnain 
Sri Burdiasih 


CCA session: Mondays, 2.15 - 3.45pm, Band Room
D3T2 (Semester 2 only): Fridays, 1.30 - 3.00pm, Band Room