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Arts Education

Arts education is integral to 21st century learning at Haig Girls'. Our pupils participate in diverse learning experiences in art, music, drama and dance. Our holistic approach to the creative arts gives pupils opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and express themselves, while imbibing values and social-emotional skills which deepen their sense of pride in our multi-cultural heritage. They also benefit from innovative programmes which integrate the arts with other disciplines, e.g. museum-based learning and drama in Maths, designed in collaboration with museums and the National Arts Council.

AE 001 Multiplication through drama
P3 pupils learning multiplication 
through drama activities.
AE 002 Explore at museum
P4 pupils exploring issues related to globalisation at the museum.

Haig Girls’ aims to nurture creative, expressive pupils with a passion for the arts in a values-based environment through the following programmes:
•    Art
•    Music