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Character Education

Values are taught to our pupils through various platforms:
  • The explicit teaching of values during Civic and Moral Education (CME) lessons
  • The infusion of values into existing academic curriculum
  • Values based Story-Telling, Value-Based Creativity Programe, and Assembly Programmes
  • Teachable moments 
  • The informal curriculum, for example, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Values In Action (VIA) and specific school programme such as leadership programmes and camps.

Putting Values into CME

CHE 006 Putting values into CME

Pastoral Care

In Haig Girls’ we look into taking care of the mental well-being of our girls. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the key strategies for the promotion of mental well-being. This is carried out through specific curriculum for SEL (Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), SEL Lessons, Sexuality Education, Education & Career Guidance, and Cyber Wellness). 

We provide our pupils with:
  • A holistic and balanced school experience particularly through CCA, Assembly Programmes and Values In Action (VIA) 
  • An environment that supports learning and positive relationships with peers and significant adults (positive Teacher-Student Relationship) through Rapport Building sessions with the counsellors, one-to-one bonding sessions with form and co-form teachers and Parent-Teacher-Child Conferencing (PTCC) sessions.
  • Facilitation of a supportive family environment through school-home collaboration.

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) provides quality interaction time between form teachers and pupils, and equip pupils with social and emotional competencies.

The FTGP concept can also be illustrated as below:

CHE 007 FTGP Concept Diagram

Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education focuses on the development of adolescents' values, and social and emotional competencies required to make responsible decisions regarding sexual behaviours and to build rewarding relationships based on love and respect which are the foundation for strong families. 

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Education & Career Guidance

Education & Career Guidance is a developmental process which facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable students to better understand themselves, explore viable education and career options, make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations. 

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At Haig Girls' School, we believe that each individual plays an important role in taking ownership of the world we have been blessed with. We encourage our staff and pupils to live out the values of care and commitment by reducing, reusing and recycling, in addition to taking pride in keeping the surroundings clean and litter-free. The HGS Recycles! initiative sees pupils and staff recycling at least one item a day. We would like to encourage you, parents and guardians, to join in this initiative by actively reducing, reusing and recycling at home. Together, we can make a difference!