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Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education and Character Education, has always been at the heart of education in Singapore. Various key programmes such as Civics and Moral Education, National Education, Social Studies and Values In Action have been put in place to inculcate values and build competencies in our pupils to develop them into good individuals and useful citizens.  

The National Education (NE) in Singapore focuses on developing a sense of national cohesion, cultivating instinct for survival as a nation and instilling confidence in our nation’s future where emphasis is made in cultivating a sense of belonging and rootedness to Singapore.

Driven by the 2E2R approach of Explicit teaching, Experience, Reflection and Role-modelling, our programmes focus on the head, heart and hands of every Haig Girl, allowing every student to grow into a leader of character and an active and concerned citizen.

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CIE 008 Citizenship Education Diagram

NE Core Events

Total Defence Day 
  • Know the 5 aspects of Total Defence and how they can play a part in each aspect. Even at their age, their participation in Total Defence is important and everyone can (and should) play a part in defending the country.

International Friendship Day
  • Learn about and appreciate other cultures. To nurture in our pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different peoples.

Racial Harmony Day
  • Make friends with people of other races and religions and not make fun of people who are different. Learn that in Singapore, people are treated equally regardless of their race and religion and students should appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore.

National Day
  • Build a greater sense of historical importance. National Day marks our Separation from Malaysia, and our emergence as an independent country in the community of nations. 

Values In Action

Service to the school and community, leadership roles and responsibilities, CCAs and group work are important experiences that we give our pupils, so that they can live out the school values in the process of serving others and working with one another.

Learning Journeys

Teachers and students embark on out of schools field trips together to extend and enrich the educational experience. Besides helping to make what has been learnt in schools more real and concrete, Learning Journeys will broaden the mental horizons of students and contribute to their total development. 

  • Instilling Pride in Singapore's Achievements
  • Understanding Singapore: Its Constraints, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Building Confidence in our Future
  • Singapore is Our Home

Integrated Project Work (IPW)

IPW is a school-wide programme that helps students to integrate learning and create new value through an interdisciplinary approach. IPW provides students with the opportunities to appreciate the culture and heritage of their community, to develop a sense of belonging and pride as well as to play a role in active citizenship. This ties in with the 2E2R approach of Explicit teaching, Experience, Role-Modeling and Reflection.

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