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Student Leadership Development Programme

The student leadership development programme is designed to develop every pupil as a leader of character. Every pupil will be given an opportunity to be a leader, beginning at the class level. 

The four leadership qualities are:
  • lead by example
  • serve with humility
  • take initiative, and
  • work well with and inspire others.

Click here for the Student Leaders’ Pledge.

Student Leaders’ Investiture

The annual student leaders’ investiture is held in the first semester during assembly programme. At this investiture, pupil leaders (ranging from Citizenship Education ambassadors, safety leaders to CCA leaders, Prefects and more) will be formally acknowledged and presented with specific badges by the Principal and Vice-Principal. At the same time, the investiture serves as an opportunity to acknowledge that every pupil in HGS is a leader.

Student Leadership Framework

The student leadership framework comprises of a three-tiered development programme.  Every pupil will be given an opportunity to be a class leader. At the exemplary level, selected pupils will take on the positions of prefects, CCA leaders, ambassadors and representatives. At the pinnacle of the student leadership hierarchy will be the prefects (inspiring leaders) who have exhibited all the values and leadership qualities very strongly and are selected and interviewed to serve the Prefectorial board. The board comprises of the Head Prefect, Assistant Head Prefects and Head of Councils.

SLD 010 Student Leadership Framework

Leadership Training Framework

To support the pupils in developing their leadership skills, a three-tiered training framework was created.

SLD 011 3-Tiered Student Leadership Training Diagram
3-Tiered Student 
Leadership Training

Comprehensive Leadership Training Programme (Some key training programmes)
SLD 012 Comprehensive Leadership Training Programme

In addition to the above key training programmes, there would be specialised training programmes catered for different groups of leaders so as to hone their skills in the specific areas.

SLD 013 P5 Leadership Adventure Camp
P5 student leaders cooking at the 
P5 Leadership Adventure Camp 
(Advanced Leadership Training Programme)
SLD 014 Prefects facilitating a workshop at the  Tanjong Katong Leadership Symposium
Prefects facilitating a workshop at the 
Tanjong Katong Leadership Symposium
(Self-directed learning Programme)
SLD 015 2Tanjong Katong Secondary School conducting a basic Leadership training for selected student
2Tanjong Katong Secondary School conducting a basic Leadership training for selected student (Basic leadership training for 
specific student leaders)
SLD 016 P4 Peer Support Leadership Programme
Pupils presenting the qualities of a 
Peer Support Leader (PSL) at the
P4 Peer Support Leadership Programme (Advanced Leadership Training Programme)