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Holistic Assessment

Building the Child’s Confidence and Desire to Learn

Haig Girls' has been a prototype school for Holistic Assessment since 2010. Holistic Assessment aims to build the child's confidence and desire to learn, with a focus on knowing and developing the child as a whole. 

HA 001 Children Role Play
Children engaging in a role-play.

Using a Range of Assessment Modes

A range of assessment modes, such as written and performance tasks, enables each pupil to demonstrate what she knows and can do. Teachers draw on a range of formative assessment strategies to evaluate pupils' mastery of concepts and skills and internalisation of values and social-emotional competencies. Formative assessment enables teachers to provide pupils with quality feedback and plan how they will address gaps of understanding and deepen pupils' learning. Pupils are also encouraged to evaluate their progress and take responsibility for their learning through reflection, self-assessment and target-setting.

HA 002 Math Performance Task
A Mathematics performance task.

Holistic Reporting


Providing Rich Feedback
Haig Girls' adopts holistic reporting to provide feedback to pupils and parents. These include marks and grades, a holistic development portfolio and holistic development report.

Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing
The Parent-Child-Teacher Conferencing is another mode of holistic reporting.  The pupil takes the lead in sharing her progress, best work and areas for improvement with her parents, facilitated by the teacher. Holistic Assessment has been well-received by both pupils and parents as it has enhanced learning as a process and allowed each child to gain a more complete picture of her progress and achievements.