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A community of confident and motivated pupils who are both effective problem solvers and team players.


To equip pupils with the necessary mathematical knowledge and skills for everyday life and for continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines

MOE Mathematics Curriculum Framework

MA 001 MOE Maths Curriculum Framework

Spiral Approach Math Curriculum

MA 002 Spiral Approach Math Curriculum

Concrete Pictorial Abstract (C-P-A) Approach

MA 003 Concrete Pictorial Abstract Approach
Learning experiences in the classroom are designed based on the C-P-A approach. Concrete is the “doing” stage, using concrete objects to model problems. Pictorial is the “seeing” stage, using representations of the objects to model problems. Abstract is the “symbolic” stage, where pupils are able to use symbols to demonstrate understanding of problems. This approach helps pupils learn new ideas and build on their existing knowledge by introducing abstract concepts in a more familiar and tangible way. 

Drama in Mathematics

MA 004 Drama in Math
Teaching Mathematics through Drama helps to stimulate students’ interest and enjoyment in Mathematics and thereby develop their Mathematical conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. Pupils use drama techniques such as Movement, Tableaux and Still Images/Freeze Frames in the learning of Math topics such as Multiplication, Division, Money, Bar Graphs, Fractions and Make a Table/List Heuristic.  

Key Programmes and Activities

Learning Support for Math

MA 005 Learning Support
Learning Support Programme for Mathematics (LSM) provides early intervention for Primary 1 and 2 pupils with weak numeracy skills.  The programme focuses on basic mathematical skills and concepts to consolidate good foundation. It aims to build pupils’ confidence and positive beliefs about their ability to do Math.  The programme is also extended to P3 and P4 pupils who need to build their foundation skills in Mathematics.

Talent Development Programmes

MA 006 Talent Development
Talent development programmes such as Olympiad Training aim to raise the potential of our high ability pupils and equip them with a repertoire of problem solving techniques and mathematical knowledge to solve the high order and non-routine problems.  This enables our pupils to hone their skills for competitions such as National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOP) and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS).

E2K Math Programme

MA 007 E2K Math Programme
The E2K Math Programme Singapore is a school-based enrichment programme for upper primary pupils who demonstrate exceptional ability in Mathematics. The curriculum units are investigative in nature and encourage pupils to work collaboratively on challenging tasks. It aims to develop confidence and independence in solving non-routine questions and promote reasoning and communication skills.

Math Games @ Recess

MA 008 Math Games at Recess
Every Monday, our Parent Support Group (PSG) members, together with our Math Ambassadors, set up games stations to pique the interest of our pupils. These Math Ambassadors are Primary 3 to 6 pupils who have a passion for the subject, and as an act of service, devote part of their recesses to help facilitate the activities. At different stations, board games, card games and puzzles are made available. Through games, we hope to motivate our pupils to recognize that learning Mathematics can be fun.

Math Trails

MA 009 Math Trails

Mathematics Trails are conducted to provide opportunities for pupils to experience the relevance of Mathematics in real life as well as a platform to work together as a team. The activities rich in problem-solving application emphasize on skills such as estimation and mental calculation. Pupils applying their knowledge from what they have learnt in class such as fractions, length, mass and perimeter to solve problems around the school.

Math Quiz

MA 010 Math Quiz
To challenge the mind, Math Quiz is conducted every term for all levels. Attractive prizes are awarded to pupils who have shown clear and correct solution to the Math Quiz question posed in class.

Professional Development

MA 011 Teachers Professional Development
Our teachers constantly engage themselves in professional learning such as lesson study and attending workshops and conferences to deepen their pedagogy skills and knowledge and to develop themselves holistically. 

Reading Materials

MA 012 Reading Materials