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Mother Tongue

At Haig Girls’, we envision that our pupils will enjoy and find meaning in learning the Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language, thus arousing their interest to explore it deeper.


Assessment is an important aspect of teaching and learning. We use it to support the holistic development of our pupils. The key focus is on building their confidence and desire to learn. Thus, our assessment aims to focus more on providing information on the learning progress of the child.

Teachers use a range of assessment tools, including written and performance tasks to enable them to provide feedback to pupils on their mastery of concepts and skills as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.

MT 002 Drama Role PlayMT 001 Drama Role Play
Drama/Role Play

Our pupils have a flair for the drama and arts and possess strong oral skills thus, oral presentation, story-telling, role-play and drama are essential strategies used to bring out the fun in the learning of Mother Tongue lessons.  Our structured programme ensures that all pupils have the opportunities to showcase their talents in front of their peers. 

10’C/10’M/10'T Programme 

10’C/10’M/10'T is a collaborative project which our school embarked on in 2010 with Educational Technology Division (ETD), MOE. It leverages the use of ICT to promote pupils’ interest in the Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language, and to improve on their reading and writing skills in an interactive environment. 

The pedagogical model:
  • stimulates pupils’ learning of Chinese/Malay as it leverages on ICT and provides pupils with a platform to engage in self-directed learning, preparing them to be 21st century ready learners.
  • Engages pupils and makes the learning of Chinese/Malay language fun and interactive.