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Physical Education

The Physical Education programme in Haig Girls’ promotes sports for character building and social bonding. In line with Vision 2030 “Live Better Through Sports” led by the Singapore Sports Council and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, we aim for every pupil to be physically educated leader of character.

PE 001 Framework

Physical Education (PE) Plan

PE 002 Table Plan for All Levels


Weekly Mass Workout

The whole school gets together every Wednesday morning to enjoy physical activity together. The Mass Workouts vary every Term and is conducted by the school PE teachers. Each term, we have the privilege of having the Parent’s Support Group to lead in the Mass Workout.

Rope Skipping Class Challenge

From 2012, the school started the Rope Skipping Class Challenge, where every pupil is involved.  All the pupils had to do is skip as many times as they can in one minute.  The PE teacher will record the count for each pupil and find the class average. The class with the highest average will win the Level Class Champion and gets to display the trophy in their Classroom.

Play @ Recess

As the school encourages every pupil to play actively, recess is the best time for pupils to have fun! Sports equipment is made readily available for the pupils to use and play with their friends during recess periods.

Outdoor Adventure

Every Primary 5 pupil will go through the Outdoor Adventure Camp where they will learn the importance of leadership, responsible decision-making and problem solving skills which will help them overcome challenges they may face in future. They will also learn to form better relationships with fellow school mates and foster greater team spirit.

Intra-school/Inter-class Challenges

There are many different Intra-school and Inter-class Challenges for pupils to develop sportsmanship and teamwork.  Challenges include Badminton, Frisbee, Captain’s Ball, Netball, Basketball, Rope Skipping, etc.  Pupils will train rigorously to attain Top 2 positions.  The focus is on teams’ character building and not only on winning!

Sports Day

Every student from P1-P6 looks forward to their Sports Day every year.  The school encourages maximum participation and creates an opportunity for all of the students to participate in at least one event.

  • Running Events
Every class will select their representatives for 50m (P1-P6), 100m (P3-P6), 200m (P3-P6) and 300m (P4 and P6 only) sprints.  Selected pupils for 50m and 100m will attend the Sports Heats in April and the Finalists of the events will race for the Top 3 positions during Sports Day.

  • Relays
Every Level has 3 different relays.  Each relay has up to 12 participants.  The different relays will test the pupils on the Athletic skills they have learnt during the PE lessons.  Every class will be vying for the Top 3 positions for the relays.


Every P4 to P6 pupil, who is medically fit, will have to go through the NAPFA test which is usually done in April.  Pupils have to go through 6 different stations. Click here for more information.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Click here for more information.