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Discover, Develop & Dedicate Your Talent Time (D3T2)

To nurture and celebrate the diverse talents of our pupils, Haig Girls' initiated D3T2, a school-based talent development programme. Pupils who are talented in the visual arts, music, dance, drama, English and Chinese creative arts, Maths, Science or sports are given opportunities to develop their talents and interests in these areas. The pupils in our D3T2 programme ‘dedicate’ their talents in service to the school and community.

D3T2_1.jpgPupils engaging in visual arts D3T2 lessonsIMG_5931.JPGD3T2 English Creative Writing girls giving a presentation at an advertising company
IMG_9262.JPGE2K Math programmeD3T2_2.JPGChoir D3T2 pupils performing at Serene Nursing Home

List of D3T2 Programmes





Chinese Creative Arts

English Creative Writing

Malay Language GEMS

Math Olympiad / E2K Math

E2K Science

Visual Arts



HGS Chorale 

Indian Dance

Modern Dance/ Chinese Dance

*Table updated on 22 Jan 2019.

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