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International Friendship Day

The International Friendship Day was celebrated from the 10th to 12th of April. The theme for this year was The Singapore Spirit: Singapore’s Friends. The activities were focused on promoting the 2E2R approach to learning which involves Explicit Teaching, Experience, Role-modelling and Reflection.

Students and teachers were dressed up in their colourful and unique traditional/ethnic costumes. Everybody had a whale of a time at the various recess activities conducted by our very own HGS PSG and teachers.

Assembly: The students learned about how the ASEAN countries cooperated with one another during crisis and peace times as well as the types of products produced by these countries. They also got to learn simple Thai and Cambodian words/greetings, about clothes worn by people from ASEAN countries, the celebration of different festivals as well as learn more about the different dances.

Recess activities: Parent volunteers set up colourful and highly engaging booths where students had lots of fun dipping their hands into mystery boxes and learning more about different items significant to the various ASEAN countries. Students bonded through the folding of paper origami of lotuses and fun puzzle games such as ‘Getting the flag right!’ wooden puzzles. A power-point presentation and quiz by the IFD Team of teachers on ASEAN countries summed up the 2-day worth of recess activities. 

The celebration of International Friendship Day was indeed a good time for pupils to deepen their knowledge of different cultures, understand that Singapore’s good relations with her neighbouring countries is not something to be taken for granted and renew their friendships with their friends of different backgrounds.